New Year – New Turn


September 2nd 2011, I rushed up myself on Chennai roads to find out Lucid Software Ltd.I haven’t told you right,that was my first day of office even to job life 🙂

Just like every fresher out there, i too bit tensed,nervous as well as confident.

As like going always late to the classes in college,I reached office also half and hour late to the Intro meet up and my favorite last seat was waiting for me..

A bit differing with the classes,Meet up gone with fun and training days has been started..

Trainer is saying with bold voice about real problems,project dead lines ,time management and handling tension.

I was very enthusiastic about my software job,Because i’m crazy about it.

I thought to shout loudly,Those are not at all new to us,we have handled lot in four years of engineering.A single night batting for 3 hours exam thought us all these world problems.By seeing my feelings he given me a pleasant smile which i never ever forget in my life.

Very soon  I came to realize the facts about 9-6 life..

Errrh..Where creativity sucks..

Still,I love this field. Where i have seen lot of stress,lot of joy,lot of new kind of people,and a lot of new technologies..

I met the people who really committed and enjoys the work.

They thought me how laugh at crashes,How to play with software’s and how to balance the life.

Today, I should really Thank each and every one, name by name in Lucid.Because i’m taking a new turn in my career life.Image

A New job is welcoming me .I’m also ready to welcome this change with new hopes,new dreams,new energy in this new year..

I had really Great time in Lucid.I should accept that i have learnt lot technically as well as personally.I got idiotic buddy’s to share my idiotic ideas.

Thanks to each and every one.I hope every one will understand my move and will extend your support even out of Lucid.

Happy New Year.


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