Equality in Quilling


I’m Here to share my first creativity in quilling and i’m gonna tell making too[of course it’s very very easy.. ;)]

Usually Quilling specified as Art for Ladies.But that’s in old days.Now It’s a world of Equality.It’s basically a creative art.Open for both Boys and Girls.

At present, Girls and Boys have equal opportunities and competing equally.To present this,I made a card with the concept of “Equality”.


I have used a loose circle,square, triangle and a tear drop.

Origin circle made with both blue and white color combinations.remaining two are just with pink.making loose circle is very simple,just rolling up and leaving it loose and close it with glue at required size.

I have used three colors to make tear drop.As i already told in my previous post,Mixing colors is not difficult.glue the different colors with required length and finally roll it up.After finishing roll up as circle,just press half circle in to ‘V’ shape.There you made a tear drop..:)

Finally, I have glued all the shapes in a planned order and made the message with white pearls. 🙂

I hope you guys liked this concept..

Happy Quilling..Much more concept oriented quilling cards are coming soon..Keep following…

Love to see your creative cards too..Can add in comments if u like to share with me..

Comments and Concerns are always Welcome to improve myself.


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