Happy Birthday Krishna

Hi Everybody..

I fell happy while making good message oriented card.Today i’m here with a colorful card with quilling to wish a special person.

It’s specially dedicated to my dear friend,brother and so on…

Dear Krishna,

I met you accidentally..But you made it as miracle,
We did lot of funny chat’s..we argued even more..
But ended up as being best buddies..
I hope it will be long lasting.


I was buying cards and giving for all the occasions.But making with our own hands will give us more confidence,will show the person how much we love.

This quilling is made with quilting papers as simple flowers, krishna’s pics to represents his growth as a baby to till date,candle’s to brighten his life, balloons to represents the heights he has to reach and finally many more wises from my side… 🙂

Do u like it?? Not patented..You can copy-cat..or else come with up your own creations.

Don’t forget to wish Krishna..
Once again..,
Many More Happy Returns Of The Day Bro..


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