Thank you Chennai

Dear Chennai,
You transformed a girl into a woman and you changed from a strange city to a home in her heart.
As I’m bidding goodbye to Chennai, Thought to recall the time spent here and wanted to thank people who made my journey more memorable and beautiful. I’m fortunate to spend my time here.
If you ask me to define Chennai, answer would be Beaches and Best Buddies. Both thought me a lot and given me countless memories through all these years.
Today, I feel glad to spend my time here. But, it wasn’t same feeling when I came for the first time to Chennai. I heard bad opinions about Chennai. First few months were miserable for me too. The autowala who charged double, bad hostel food and language problem made me to feel that my opinion about Chennai is right. I was seriously searching for ways to run away from here. I was completely restless.
We were a group of fresher’s who joined in a software company. Most of them were from different parts of Tamilnadu. When I started observing things happening around me, I could able see people around are encouraging me to speak Tamil, ready to accept me as one among them. That’s beginning of the story. When I asked about my restlessness in a group conversation, I told that, I don’t know Tamil and even don’t like Tamilians much. Even after that a guy in the team said, “Dai, Tamil is not that difficult and you can easily learn it. I don’t like to talk about, why and what you don’t like in Tamilians. But I strongly believe that you will change your opinion very soon.” That’s the turning point.
Everyone one in the team, in fact everyone I come across helped me to learn many things including Tamil. The best part is making fun with my bad Tamil over coffee breaks. Of course, I’m still a bad Tamil speaker but they got used to it. 😉
I’m at loss for words to describe about my friends here. I met many friends who did all the right things to me in the right times.
Buddies, you made my life so happy in many ways and I treasure this friendship forever. Thank you for standing by my side when times were hard. Thank you for being a part of my story and you thought me how to stand strong with a smiling face, no matter what. I know this is not end and we turned from friends to family now. 🙂

collage-2017-06-24 (1)
I have always been a beach lover and every beach here thought me something.
In Besannagar beach, I saw the smiles of people coming from Ashtalakshmi temple and Annai Vailankanni church. Happiness is always filled in that air. In ECR beach, Calm and long. It will make you feel that you are indestructible. I have seen the real tamilian love in Marina beach only. This incident happened months later of  Jayalalitha  garu  demise. The crowd is as high as you have to wait in the queue and it felt like that incident happened that day. I have even seen people who are crying even after so many days. This is a simple example, if you did a small favor to a Tamilian, They will treat you like a family, No matter where you are from.
There are many things I learnt from Chennaites: Their simplicity in living, Civility, Importance given to their culture and arts, Dedication to follow the tradition and many more..
In short, Thank you for everything and you won my heart.. 🙂


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