Start Quilling

Days are moving very plain and systematically.I felt Bored with same routine.
I thought of engaging myself with some arts to kill this boredom and refilling the energy..
I can’t change work time.So,I have decide to redesign the time at home.

Arts and culture always plays a great role in our life.As well,colors always impact on our moods.
So,when I’m browsing for the arts related to the colors,One of my colleague suggested me the ” Quilling Art”.which i can try myself in home, at same time which will be useful to make home colorful.

Quilling is an art,which is there from 18th century and most popular in Europe.After that is has been spread to the world.It can be done with paper strips.people have chances to show their creativity by rolling, molding the paper strips.We can make ear rings,ornaments,cards,and much more designs too..

It’s a very simple process to need of any specific training.people can start doing with few colored strips and a quilling needle.It’s a great chance to show your creativity.

Required instruments

These are very basic instruments to start the quilling needle to roll up the paper, glue to stick the papers and scissors.
There will different types of quilling tools.But for the beginners these are enough to give a start. Slotted needle to keep the paper starting in the slot   and roll up around it.This is best way to make rounded rolls.Normal needle also can be used to roll up.

Paper Strips

Paper strip can be available in different sizes(3mm,5mm,7mm..etc).Choosing the best size is always confusion. But as beginner, We can start card designs with 7mm, and ear rings and other designs with 3mm.
We can make different shapes with this strips.It’s all about rolling up differently.I’ll add different basic designs and the shapes what i made for the first time. :

Just Roll the stripped needle in round by keeping the starting of the paper inside the slot.After finishing rolling,Ending of the paper should be glued to make the closed shapes.
If it’s open shapes, we can take equal part to make the equal parts.

I had made the few shapes with mixed colors too.It’s looks difficult but very very easy.Intially we should join the different color strips with glue.we have a long strip with diffrent well start making shapes as normal.Finally,we will just adjust the layers and glue it.

That’s Simple..Happy Quilling..